Eurovision Song Contest, unofficial Semi-Final try-out evaluation

The first Eurovison Song Contest Semi-Final will take place in the newly constructed Baku Crystal Hall, obviously in Baku, the 22nd of May this year. However, we do not possess the patience to wait until then before giving our evaluation. Based on the videos submitted by, an unofficial evaluation will take place thursday this week. The evaluation, and votes, will be submitted to this blog as soon as possible. Hopefully also including a verbal description of all the contributions.

We have arranged YouTube-playlists complete with intro (te-deum) and a litre treat in the middle. You may find these on YouTube, or by following the links:

For the evaluation, we have made an evaluation form. This form you may open and print, but please share credit if choose to publicise it:
Good luck with your own unofficial evaluation!
Malta music video

screen dump from youtube

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